Sweetish House Mafia

Sweetish House Mafia’s story started with a travelling Nano that sold cookies made by a then anonymous baker. Its location would be announced via social media, prompting sweet-toothed fans from across the city to gather for their sugar fix. The response was overwhelming. A year and a half later, a brick and mortar base was born to keep up with the rising demand, thus establishing Mumbai’s first (and yummiest) cookie store! The brand’s bestsellers include its signature Nutella Sea Salt as well as the Double Chocolate Chip and classic Chocolate Chip cookie. Also on offer are cookie shakes, cookie sundaes and just plain ol’ milk to dunk your cookies into.

Neha Sethi

Neha Arya SethiFounder, Partner

A longstanding sweet tooth and the quest for the perfect cookie led Neha Arya Sethi to create Sweetish House Mafia.

With a degree in finance from the Wharton School of Business, Neha’s childhood passion got the better of her and she made the switch from banker to baker. She now sweetens the palate of the city, one crumbly cookie at a time, wielding her whisk to make magic out of sugar, butter and a generous sprinkling of chocolate chips. Neha has been featured in several national publications, including Business Standard, Vogue and Economic Times, and has also been on the cover of Forbes India.


Aakash SethiPartner

After procuring an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Aakash Sethi helms the management of Sweetish House Mafia. Besides masterminding the catchy brand name, he is the business brain behind the venture, overseeing operations and expansion.