May 09, 2023 2 min read

Every year, we celebrate many milestones in life, and birthdays are one of the most special and memorable ones. Birthdays are also when loved ones go all out to make you feel special, with delicious treats, decor, loads of gifts, love, laughter, and time with your near and dear ones. Nowadays, birthdays aren’t just about special gifts, but rather thoughtful ones that help you express your emotions well. A fine example of such thoughtful gifts are birthday gift hampers.

Bringing the best of both worlds, birthday gift hampers are perfect for your special someone. Birthday gift hampers are not only wholesome but versatile too. You can customize, decorate, and present them as you like. What makes them an even better choice is that you can style and fill them up with all the sweetness.

Pamper your loved ones with the best gift hampers in Mumbai from Sweetish House Mafia. Here’s all you need to know:

  • The Taste of Sweetish:

Available in both egg and eggless options, the birthday gift hamper is all you need to add unforgettable memories and delectability to your loved one's day.

All our favourite treats in one, this birthday gift hamper has it all! It’s got 1 Nutella Sea Salt Cookie, 1 Chocolate Walnut Bomb, 1 Almond Biscotti, as well as 1 Nutella Sea Salt Brownie too.

If this wasn’t enough, this birthday gift hamper also has 1 Double Chocolate Chip Cake to balance out the flavours.

But wait there’s more, if your special someone is a baking enthusiast, this gift hamper contains 1 Chocolate Chip Cookie Premix too.

Make birthdays memorable with these gift hampers online in India.

  • Assorted Almond Treat Bundle:

A gift hamper that makes them go nuts! Filled with the goodness of almond rocks, this gift hamper in Mumbai is the perfect gift for those wanting a healthier chocolatey treat.

With a balance of sweetness and crunchiness, this hamper has all flavours- Milk Chocolate Almond Rocks, Dark Chocolate Almond Rocks, Dark Chocolate Almond Ragi Flakes, and Sugar-Free Almond Rocks.

Something crispy, something healthy, and a whole lot nutty, order these gift hampers in Mumbai from our online bakery shop.

  • Sweetish Treat Gift Bundle:

No celebration is complete without cakes and cookies!

Adding just the right touch of mouth-watering flavours and chocolate to the special occasion, this birthday gift hamper is sure to put the sweetest smile on your dear one's face.

With a mix of handmade cookies such as 1 Nutella Sea Salt, 1 White Chocolate Macadamia, 1 Dark Chocolate Truffle, 1 Chocolate Chip, 1 Oatmeal Cranberry and 1 Double Chocolate Chip Cookie, you get to experience a wide variety of flavours, all at once!

This birthday gift hamper also includes 1 Chocolate Chip Pound Cake, blessing your special someone with soft and spongy goodness.

Make your loved one's birthday a memorable one with these thoughtful birthday gift hampers. Order online from Sweetish House Mafia and let us help you express your emotions through the sweetness of our hampers.