Sweetish House Mafia from Mumbai hits the sweet spot

The Telegraph, 27 July, 2018

What started five years ago as a venture selling cookies out of a Nano in Mumbai has now expanded to eight stores in Mumbai and travelled east with two stores in Calcutta. And now it’s heading to Pune and Bangalore.

The cookie cafe, Sweetish House Mafia, conceptualised by banker-turned-baker Neha Arya Sethi, has opened doors in the city in two locations — Hungerford Street and Salt Lake. Cookies, sundaes, shakes and cookie cakes, the brand is dedicated to addressing the love for cookies. Done in shades of white and blue, the city outlets have stayed true to their Mumbai counterparts in look and feel. The Hungerford Street and Salt Lake outlets are owned by unit franchisees Nikeita Kothari and Dipika Kedia, respectively.

“It was my dream to pursue something like this, and I am excited to see how the city responds to it. We wanted to keep the flavours intact, which is why the Calcutta outlets even have the same ovens used in Mumbai, imported from Europe. That apart, the cookie dough is made in Mumbai and airlifted to Calcutta, so no cookie you eat will ever be even a day old,” said Aditi Jain, director, Altfort Projects, master franchisee (east India), Sweetish House Mafia.

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Gayatri Jayaraman @gayatri__j
The writer is Senior Editor, India Today.


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