Taking Over Mumbai’s Sweet Tooth

Bayside Journal, 18 January, 2015

Neha Sethi’s Sweetish Mafia Is Taking Over Mumbai’s Sweet Tooth!

As you walk along the empty paths inside Mathuradas Mills, you’d be drained because of how much of a task it is to keep an eye and walk simultaneously to the said location. What is even more daunting is looking for a tiny, blue place with a glass door and picket fence. Sweetish House Mafia, the city’s latest contribution to the cookie world, has revolutionised the meaning of the term ‘melt in the mouth’. The 400-square-feet space which opened its shutters on September 19th, 2014, has had women running to the gym to burn off those calories ever since! The place that offers 7 varieties of cookies (6 dailies and 1 special) gained popularity at first when Neha Sethi cruised parts of the city in her chauffeur-driven white Nano in order to sell the 100 Nutella cookies with a sprinkling of sea salt (Rs. 125) which she initially sold at 70 bucks a piece by updating her location via Twitter and Facebook.

She had initially refused to divulge her identity; phone number, name and all because she didn’t want the baking to become a regular affair. “I have been baking since I was ten and I bake when I feel like, which was the idea earlier”, she says. Her cookies, which are about the size of your inner palm is buttery and plump with Nutella and gooey chocolate chip cookies are the stuff dreams are made of. The crumby cookie and the gooey chocolate together transport the consumer to a whole new world. No kidding! The name for her cookie place was not hard to decide. “It was something my family came up with while brainstorming for a name. The idea was to call it something catchy and vibrant. This worked.” she smiles. “The popularity went up a lot and people wanted more, so the shop happened.”

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