February 03, 2023 3 min read

It's officially the time of Aquarians. Also known as the water bearers, Aquarians are known to be highly intellectual, adventurous, and go-getters. Aquarians are also known for their unconventional styles, creativity and love for eccentricity. All in all, we could say they’re the whole package!

Interestingly, Aquarians also make for some special friends and loved ones to have. Supportive and caring, friendships are quite important to them. Gifting for Aquarians can be tricky and challenging as Aquarians by nature are selective and gifts hold a unique place in their hearts, all thanks to their love, affection and distinctive qualities.

If you’ve got a special friend or special someone who's also Aquarius, we’ve got a guide to your rescue. With the best handmade cookies and special gift hampers from Sweetish House Mafia, you really can leave a loving impression and make their birthday, extra special!

Here are some of our recommendations to make your birthday gifting easier:

  • 1. Crumbling Delight Gift Bundle

Bringing the Aquarians in your life the best of both worlds, Sweetish House Mafia’s Crumbling Delight Gift Bundle is one of the best birthday gift hampers you can bless them with. With the nutty flavour of assorted almond rocks and the delicate crunchiness of assorted cookies, this gift hamper makes the perfect gift to bring a wide smile as well as a delectable taste to them.

Free-spirited and versatile by choice, Aquarians are going to be in total awe of the almond rocks in this gift hamper, owing to their love for light and heart-smart snacks. Talking about their versatile choices, Aquarians are known for their love for variety and that’s exactly what you get with our assorted cookie tin. From delicious nutella sea salt to double chocolate chip cookies to the oatmeal cranberry, we’ve got it all in one delightful bundle!

  • 2. Sweetish Treat Gift Bundle:

Who doesn’t love some cookies and cake!? Yes, the Aquarians out there sure do! Known to be foodies and sweet lovers, our Sweetish Treat Gift Bundle is definitely gonna make their birthday oh-so-exciting with a box of assorted cookies and chocolate pound cake. Devouring some cookie goodness and enjoying a burst of chocolate will make you an Aquarius favourite! Express your love and warm wishes with this birthday gift hamper in Mumbai.

  • Assorted Almond Treat Bundle:

Got an Aquarius who is also a health freak?! We’ve got you covered with our Assorted Almond Treat Bundle. Crispy, wholesome, and totally sweetish, this birthday gift hamper is undoubtedly the ultimate guilt-free yet delicious treat for their special day.

The best part? These almond rocks are available in both; dark chocolate and milk chocolate coatings bringing variety & scrumptiousness, all at once!

  • The Taste of Sweetish:

Mirror Mirror on the wall, can we have it all? Yes, you can! One of the unique birthday gift hampers at Sweetish House Mafia, this hamper has got it all with best chocolate chip cookie, brownies to biscotti and more. To tickle the experimental side of your Aquarius loved one, this birthday gift hamper has even got a premix included. Let them whip, relish, and slay! You can even shop for an eggless option in this birthday gift hamper!

So what’re you waiting for? Shower your Aquarian loved one with some happiness, affection and a whole lot of Sweetish treats. Starting at just 899, you can shop these gift hampers online in India.