January 23, 2023 3 min read

It’s officially 2023. The festive season has come to an end with new resolutions and newer health goals kicking in. Starting a new chapter in our lives, it's that time of year when everyone is focused on staying fit and eating healthy. When choosing to eat healthy, we often avoid desserts, sweets, and whatnot! But who says desserts or humble cookies can’t be baked to healthy decadency? On the contrary, chocolate chip cookies or any handmade cookies can be given a healthy twist! 

Are you tempted already?  

Cookies, brownies, and cakes are some of the simple pleasures of life. But just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you have to give up such sweet pleasures in life. It all comes down to making the right choice, or rather, a healthy choice in your diet and lifestyle.

How do you ask!?  

Yes, folks, you can achieve all your health goals while devouring some delectable yet heart-smart treats with Sweetish House Mafia’s healthy range of cookies. Swap your sweet indulgences for the ultimate sweetish choice.

Let’s crumble into health:  

  • Sugar-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookie:

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies.Gooey, chocolatey, and yummy. But what if we said you could indulge in this treat with a sugar-free twist? With our Sugar-Free Chocolate Chunk Cookies, you can devour into a handmade cookie baked with wheat flour, vanilla, keto sugar, cocoa powder, sugar-free chocolate chunks, and of course, love!

Bite into one of the best and healthy chocolate chip cookies at Sweetish House Mafia.  

  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Vegan Cookie:

Calling out our vegans, presenting a smart cookie for you! Now, if you’re on your way to making a smart choice or are simply vegan and still want to treat yourself, our Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Vegan Cookie is the cookie for you. Handmade cookies with sea salt, brown sugar, flour, and dark luscious chocolate chips, coconut oil, these cookies are the yummiest treat you can have.  

The best part about them? They’re 100% vegan, dairy-free, and oh-so-binge worthy!  

  • Gluten-free Nutella Sea Salt Cookie:

Imagine a cookie that is made with healthy flour, brown sugar, cream cheese, nutella while being baked to the best of both worlds; sweet and salty. Stop imagining and start indulging in the best and healthiest nutella sea salt cookies you’ll ever have!  

  • Keto Chocolate Chunk Cookies:

Keto lovers, don’t think we’ve forgotten you! Keto diets are known for their many benefits and indeed a vast array of treats are included in this kind of diet. Here we have our Keto Chocolate Chunk Cookies made with almond flour, vanilla essence, sugar-free chocolate, eggs and some salt for a flavorful punch.  

Need an eggless option? We’ve got you covered as these handmade cookies can be customized to be eggless cookies too!  

Besides our cookies, you can also dive into some delicious ragi and nuts tea cakes while working on your health and nutrition goals. These cakes are baked with ragi, nuts, sugar-free chocolate and sweetened with natural sugars. These cakes make the best tea-time binge to travel snacks, or anytime nibbles.

From the perfect keto dessert in Mumbai or the yummiest guilt-free vegan desserts in Mumbai to binge on, our decadent, crispy, yet healthy treats are your go-to choice.

Hop onto the health bandwagon with Sweetish House Mafia.