May 09, 2023 3 min read

They’re moist. They’re dense. They’re round. They taste oh-so-profound! Yes, folks, we’re talking about the classic pound cakes. The pound cake is typically made in a loaf pan or bundt mould and sometimes topped with powdered sugar, coated with icing or even lightly glazed.

Dated to the 1700s, pound cakes are believed to have originated from northern Europe. There is even a recipe for pound cake in the American Cookery- the first U.S. Cookbook which was published in 1796. Although there have been many myths around the name “pound cake” being derived from the weight of the dessert itself, the fact is that it’s an indication of the ingredient list. It is believed in the 1700s, recipes were passed around orally as many individuals were unable to read or write at that time. This is essentially why pound cakes also became popular as well as the simplicity of its ingredients- all you needed is a pound of eggs, sugar, butter, and flour and you could bake yourself a delicious pound cake!

As time flew by, there have been many variations to the recipe of pound cakes, with certain regions and countries having different styles such as French style, Mexican style, German style etc. Some recipes include flavouring agents such as almond extract or vanilla extract while some include dried fruit such as blueberry or dried cranberries. Some recipes use oil to make a moist pound cake, while some recipes suggested using sour cream to add a twist of tanginess. The 1851 edition of the Direction of Cookery, used 10 eggs, a pound of flour, and the juice of 3 large oranges or two lemons. Although it’s important to know that such recipes changed the texture and flavour of the cake.

No matter how you bake it, modern pound cakes are versatile and have been diversified into many different flavours. We’ve got chocolate chip pound cake, blueberry lemon pound cake, key lime pound cake and million dollar pound cake amongst the popular ones.

At Sweetish House Mafia’s online bakery shop, we’ve got the yummiest and healthy pound cakes for you to gobble on:


  • Double Chocolate Chip Pound Cake:

For all the chocolate lovers out there, here’s a pound cake you can’t resist!

Wholesome and satisfying, our Double Chocolate Chip Pound Cake is baked to perfection with flour, creamy butter, cocoa, and the obviously delectable dark chocolate chips with a hint of vanilla essence.

Pair it up with your favourite beverage and experience double the taste, double the fun!


  • Chocolate Chip Pound Cake:

Presenting to you the perfect combination of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chips, flour, brown sugar, butter, and a salty tinge with sea salt.

The most heavenly conversation starter or a mouth-watering on-the-go snack, this is a chocolate chip pound cake, you can’t say no to!

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  • Ragi and Nuts Tea Cake:

Wish to make tea time, a healthy and tasty time? We’ve got you covered with our Ragi and Nuts Tea Cake!

Baked with the goodness of ragi, crunchy almonds and cashews, and natural sugars such as jaggery and honey, this pound cake is a treat like no other.

Adding the extra touch of health is some sugar-free chocolate with just the right hint of vanilla essence.

Indulge away guilt-free with Ragi and Nuts Tea Cake from our online bakery shop.


  • Date Walnut Tea Cake

The earthy flavours of walnut and the sweetness of date puree is a healthy and a beloved combination.The moist tender crumbs pairs beautifully with a cup of steaming hot tea or coffee.

On a cosy afternoon this cake is pure bliss. It is atreat which is sugar free and surely does not take you on a guilt-trip for cheating on your diet.

If every confused and craving for a chewy and crucnhy treat then tunr to the delicious date walnut tea cake which is light and just too good.