August 09, 2023 4 min read

Cravings come in various forms, and when it comes to satisfying those sweet cravings, there's nothing quite like cookies. These round-shaped, crispy, sweet, and utterly delicious treats have always been our go-to snack for moments of happiness, lows, or even during intense periods or pregnancy cravings. The combination of sweet cookie dough and gooey chocolate is simply irresistible, and the best part is that you can easily order cookies online from the comfort of your own home. While there's always a debate about the best cookies in Mumbai, people can't deny the sheer joy that comes from indulging in these delectable treats.

It's true when they say that there is a cookie for every mood. One of the joys of ordering from Sweetish House Mafia is the ability to mix and match handmade cookies according to your preferences. Imagine having the freedom to create your personalized assortment of cookies! Whether you prefer an all-chocolate extravaganza or a delightful combination of different flavours, the choice is yours. It's like having your very own cookie wonderland at your fingertips. So go ahead, get choose your favourite cookies from our wide range of flavours in your customisable cookie tin!

Here is a list of our favourite cookies that you have to try in your lifetime. Trust us, they're incredibly delicious and will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside!

● First up, we have the Classic Chocolate Chip cookie. It's like receiving a big, cosy hug from your favourite person. Seriously, this cookie is the ultimate comfort food that never fails to put a smile on your face.

● Next on the list is the mouthwatering Red Velvet Cookie. These soft and scrumptious cookies are inspired by the love and passion that goes into a red velvet cake. With just one bite, they'll transport you straight to dessert heaven. It's like having a little piece of joy in your hands.

● Now, let's talk about the Nutella Sea Salt Cookie. Brace yourself for a flavour explosion because this one is a deadly combo of salty and sweet. The irresistible sweetness of Nutella perfectly balances out the touch of sea salt, making it the go-to cookie for any occasion. Trust us, you'll be craving more after just one bite.

● Ah, here comes the Brownie Cookie, the fourth cookie on our list. It's a match made in dessert heaven, combining the rich, fudgy goodness of brownies with the convenience of a cookie. You can never get enough of these little bites of heaven.

● Last but certainly not least, we have the Oreo Cream Cheese cookie. Get ready for a delightful crunch followed by a burst of flavour. The combination of Oreos and creamy chocolate is a match made in cookie paradise. With each bite, you'll experience a tantalizing blend of textures and a symphony of flavours. It's simply divine.

So, if one is in the mood for cookies but can't decide which heavenly flavours to indulge in? Trust us, we've all been there! That's why Sweetish House Mafia has got something special just for everyone: our custom cookie tin! Yep, you heard it right. You get to handpick your favourite flavours and create your mouthwatering assortment. It's like being the captain of your cookie ship, sailing through a sea of deliciousness. So, let us go ahead and embrace the adventure, treating ourselves to a personalized cookie experience that will make our taste buds do a happy dance. After all, life is too short to settle for just one flavour when they can have them all in their very own cookie tins!

These cookie tins are a perfect solution as they come with an assortment of different cookies that can be customized to suit individual preferences. Each tin contains up to six delectable cookies that can be enjoyed in one sitting or savoured gradually, depending on your cravings.

They offer eggless options to accommodate different needs. But it doesn't stop there. Sweetish House Mafia understands that people have different dietary requirements, and therefore, they also provide gluten-free, vegan, and guilt-free cookie options. So, whether you have specific dietary restrictions or simply want a guilt-free treat, you can find the perfect cookies to satisfy your cravings.

The customised mini cookie tins are little treats perfect for satisfying cravings without feeling overly indulgent and are the best cookies in Mumbai. Whether you're in the mood for Classic Chocolate Chip, Rich Red Velvet, or Decadent Nutella Sea Salt, mini cookies offer a delightful way to indulge in your favourite flavours. With their small size, you can have a taste of multiple cookies without committing to just one. So, next time you have a craving for something sweet, consider treating yourself to a selection of mini cookies tailored to your exact preferences.

Our Sweetish House Mafia Assorted Cookies or Signature Cookies Tin, or even the Build Your Own Cookies Tin, are more than just delicious treats. They are the ultimate gift options that will make your loved ones jump with joy! Imagine presenting them with a tin filled with carefully curated signature cookies or a classic assortment of our timeless favourites. It's like spreading sweetness and admiration in one delightful package. So, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just a gesture of appreciation, our tins of customised cookies complete any hamper with a sprinkle of love.

If you ever think of ordering cookies online and are confused about one flavour opt for our handmade cookies tin. These can be customised and every bite of the crispy round edges can be cherished.