May 09, 2023 2 min read

Every once in a while, we get to experience the simplest pleasures of life. Simple pleasures like experiencing a milestone, seeing a loved one smile, or some sweet delectable delights such as handmade cookies and fudgy brownies on a fine dawn evening. They set the ultimate sweet mood and make for the heavenly treats, we all need from time to time.

When it comes to binging, brownies need no introduction. Moist, fudgy, cake-like dessert brownies have a unique worldwide fan base. From a yummy tea time treat to a decadent travel snack, brownies are a timeless classic that one can gobble up anytime, anywhere.

Whether brownies are baked with decadent fillings, topped with different icings or simply made crunchy with roasted nuts, brownies are downright delicious and we all know it!

Besides being oh-so-toothsome, brownies are so versatile too. You could binge on a brownie with so many different flavours, toppings, and whatnot. If you wish to try the best brownies in Mumbai, Sweetish House Mafia is your go-to choice. With a wide variety of mouth-watering brownies, handmade cookies, tea cakes and more, we’ve got a delight for all!

At Sweetish House Mafia - an online bakery shop, we take our brownies very seriously, baking them with the freshest ingredients, innovative flavours, and most importantly-lots of love! Our appetising range of brownies, also known as some of the best brownies in Mumbai, consists of classics as well as signatures, making them an evergreen binge.

Here are some of our recommendations for you to experience dessert heaven with the best brownies in Mumbai from Sweetish House Mafia:

  • Chocolate Walnut Brownie:

Adding a nutty twist to brownies, our Chocolate Walnut Brownies are the real definition of chocolatey happiness!

Packed with crunchy walnuts, dark chocolate chips, and flour, these are true yumminess.

Order these brownies online, and you’ve got yourself an unforgettable feast.

  • Nutella Sea Salt Brownie:

A brownie filled with the best of both worlds! Bite into sweet and salty flavours, all at once with our Nutella Sea Salt Brownie.

One of our bestsellers, these are baked to brownie perfection with our fudgy brownie batter and generous dollops of Nutella, creating a burst of melty goodness for your tastebuds. Topped with scrumptious sea salt, this will surely be one of the best brownies in Mumbai you’ll devour.

  • Red Velvet Brownie:

Red velvet fans, we’ve got a brownie for you!

Our Red Velvet brownie is hand-baked and delicious with some cocoa powder, flour, and brown sugar coated with smooth cream cheese frosting.

Being a divine indulgence in and out, the gooeyness of our Red Velvet Brownie pairs well with some brewed tea.

  • Classic Chocolate Brownie:

A little chocolate chip here, a little chocolate chip there, and a whole lot of taste everywhere!

With every bite releasing chocolatey love into your mouth, Our Classic Chocolate Brownies are packed with chocolate chips, cocoa powder, flour, for that oh-so-indulgent bite!

Take dessert time to another level by relishing the best brownies in Mumbai with Sweetish House Mafia.

From brownies, handmade cookies, pound cakes, tea-time cakes, healthy treats and so much more you can experience a confection affair like never before with Sweetish House Mafia- the best online bakery shop and satisfy all your cravings.