March 11, 2023 2 min read

We all love munchies! Whether you’re on the go, watching your favorite movie, or on a road trip, munchies are essential. Besides gobbling up, munchies build great bonds too!

Just imagine those times you’ve shared sweet snacks with your loved ones or perhaps binged on savoury bites with your fam jam, or relished some Handmade Cookies with your tribe. 

Such sweet memories aren’t they? As sweet as these memories are, many of the munchies choices we make can be unhealthy and take us on a guilt trip too! Besides, isn’t it said our lifestyle and diet choices make us who we are!? Needless to say, you can avoid unhealthy choices. 

Looking for a healthy yet chocolatey treat to pop on? Our newly launched Dragees have your munchies time sorted! Nutty treats and berries coated with smooth chocolate, making for the perfect bite-sized delight to binge on all day, every day exclusively from the top online bakery shop in Mumbai! 

Here’s all the scoop:

Almond Dragees:

With yumminess at its best, devour our Almond Dragees guilt-free! 

Roasted crunchy almonds coated with scrumptious chocolate with a hint of vanilla for all the flavour. 

A heart-smart delight, our Almond Dragees bring to you a crunchy and chocolatey taste, all at once! 

Raisin Dragees:

Are you ready to bite into softness on the inside with gooeyness on the outside? 

Presenting our Raisin Dragees. Delicate raisins encapsulated in classic chocolate, giving you a delightful treat to devour on! 

Hazelnut Dragees:

A cocoa overload, our Hazelnut Dragees are a must-have! 

Warm hazelnuts covered in silky chocolate with a light coating of cocoa powder. 

Order these Dragees online from Sweetish House Mafia- one of the best online bakery shops in Mumbai! 

Blueberry Dragees:

Calling out all the berry lovers, here’s a mini feast like never before! 

Scrumptious blueberries covered in satiny smooth milk chocolate for you to have a berrylicious experience. 

With a cool blue texture, our Blueberry Dragees are a sure delight for your taste-buds as well as the eyes. 

Cranberry Dragees:

Step into berry heaven with our Cranberry Dragees.  

Wholesome dried cranberries glazed with luscious chocolate, this one’s healthy and tasty, all at once. 

With a tangy twist to your regular chocolates, these Cranberry Dragees are going to be your next favourite munchy to share 

Salted Almond Dragees:
Bringing you the best of both worlds in one bite! 

Here’s our Salted Almond Dragees, whole almonds coated with delectable chocolate, sprinkled with some salt on top for the delicious sweet and salty explosion. 

Spread some love, make some memories, and chew on exquisite and heavenly nibbles from Sweetish House Mafia- a fine Online Bakery Shop in Mumbai.